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Good Reading Hub

The Good Reading Hub is where you’ll find loads of articles about books and authors plus independent reviews of the latest books. There are many by Australian and New Zealand authors, as well as some old favourites that we need to be reminded of, just because they are so good!

Resources for Schools

What We Offer

For educators based in the Knox, Maroondah, or Yarra Ranges council areas, Eastern Regional Libraries provides sessions to support your students in developing confident literacy skills, and becoming lifelong learners. These sessions can include an introduction to library resources, hands on STEAM visits, research and information skills building, and tips for staying safe online. With the exception of one or two specialised programs, library visits are free and can take place at your local library, or at your school! 

Library Resources
Library Resources

The library offers a vast array of useful and fun resources for students to explore! Our friendly library team can introduce students to how they can use their local library to learn, have fun, and discover new ideas. Learn how to download eBooks, access free coding resources,  find high quality information for research projects, play educational games, and more!

STEAM Sessions

Your library is home to a large range of educational Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Maths programs. Activities include coding, robotics, science experiments, 3D design, and engineering challenges that we can run for your students. With the exception of one or two, these events are free for us to run either at your local library, or at your school! 

STEAM Visits
Boy And Girl Using Desktop Pc In School Computer Lab
Staying Safe Online

Cybersafety sessions will encourage students to learn how to navigate through the online world in a safe and positive way. We cover a range of topics about how to use the internet responsibly, including: staying safe while talking to friends and family online, how to know if a website is trustworthy or not , learning what is private or public information, how micro-transactions are targeted at kids, tips for avoiding internet bad guys and more!

Research and Information Skills

Our research and information skills sessions will provide students with practical and accurate advice on how to find, interpret, and use information in their academic, and everyday lives. We look at topics around where to find credible resources, how to  determine if an information source is credible, and how to properly cite information. Other content covered can include tips on how to search for useful information, looking at how media reporting influences the way we understand an issue, and tips on how to develop logical, evidence based pieces of work. 

Schoolmates studying together
Student Memberships

To arrange a visit, it’s important that the majority of your students are members of Eastern Regional Libraries, so they can take advantage of the information and resources we cover in sessions. Anyone over the age of 18 can join online, and younger people can visit a library with a parent or guardian to join, or use one of the methods below. It’s super easy to help your students join up, here’s how!

Online Student Memberships

The easiest method for parents and schools is the use of our student membership portal. It’s accessible from any internet connected device at and allows parents to provide their child’s details directly onto this website. Library cards are then delivered to the school to be distributed by teachers. The school also receives a copy of the student’s card number so library resources can be used in class throughout the year. This system is almost completely automated and schools can provide the web address above to parents by any method convenient. If your school is not listed, please use the contact form below to have it added. 

Physical Form

If you wish to use a physical form to sign up students, download our Library Membership Application Form 

Compass (Student ID Cards Required)

Schools that use the Compass app and whose students have CompassIdentity cards are able to use a fast, automated method, please use the contact form below to make this happen. 


  • A sample of the CSV spreadsheet file format that’s most ideal for our system to process.
  • A letter some schools use to opt-in or opt-out of this feature
Top Resources For Students

There are over 30 valuable resources are available to students, completely free with their library card including:


Busythings BusyThings is an internationally acclaimed, multi-award winning education platform. BusyThings is aimed at pre-school children up to around Grade 3 level. With over 300 educational games available, children can explore literacy, numeracy, creative development and general knowledge! These games are designed to entertain and educate!

BusyCode By Busythings

BusyCode is a fantastic way to introduce coding to children ages 5-11. Children guide their character around, and complete puzzles to learn introductory coding concepts.

Kanopy Kids

Kanopy Kids highlights films and TV series that inspire and inform, helping children develop empathy, mindfullness, and self-esteem through entertaining and educational videos. Stream now!

Storybox Library

Discover over 100 stories for children to read and stream on your device’s screen! The majority are written by Australian authors and all are read by Australian actors, illustrators, comedians or other personalities. These engaging short stories come to life when read by entertaining personalities and are yours to enjoy from anywhere.

Literacy Planet

Literacy Planet is an educational game suite for students in grade levels from Prep – Year 10. This award-winning application provides loads of fun-filled exercises to reinforce and compliment Australian curriculum standards for Literacy.

Encyclopedia Britannica

As a digital resource, Britannica goes beyond traditional printed information by including a variety of multimedia sources. Developed with an emphasis on school education and curriculum, Britannica is a high-quality information resource ideal for projects, homework help and the classroom.

Libby by Rakuten Overdirve

Access over 50,000 titles for free, anywhere in the world. Libby by Rakuten Overdrive gives you access to the library’s digital collection including eBooks and eAudiobooks. They also have graphic novels, picture books and books that read along.

Bolinda BorrowBox 

Borrow eAudiobooks published by Bolinda through Borrow Box. Bolinda features many Australian and international best-selling authours with new titles being added regularly. Read or listen online or from the Borrow Box app on your personal device.

Virtual Reference Library

Reference books on Arts, Business, Environment, History, Law, Literature, Medicine, Multicultural Studies, Nation and World, Religion, and Science.

Aussie driver

Aussie Driver 

Getting ready to become a new driver in Victoria? Free learners practice tests and this year’s official Victoria Driver’s Manual are available. 

The Age Online 

Browse or keyword search The Age Online, with copies dating back to 2006. Great for students looking at media and journalism. 


Contemporary media issues with background and arguments, partnered with a searchable news database, both with links to original text and multimedia sources. Available at the library only.  

Explore More Resources For Students

Discover new ways of learning with these free, safe, and educational online learning resources, loved by your librarians!


Developed by MIT, Scratch is a fantastic, beginner friendly coding platform. Using visual, drag and drop code blocks, students can create anything they imagine! Best for ages 7+. For younger learners, have a look at the Scratch Jr. app on iPad/Android.

Code Club

Code Club projects are fun, step by step guides for young learners to learn how to code by making games, animations and interactive stories. Projects are available for Scratch, HTML/CSS, and Python.

Hour Of Code

Hour of Code has one hour coding tutorials to inspire children to learn computer science. Complexity ranges from pre-reading levels to Year 9+. Students can code with characters from Minecraft, Star Wars, Adventure Time and more!

Printable PDF Guide

Khan Academy Kids

A fun, free and educational app available on iOS and Android, for children ages 2-6. Engages children with early literacy, maths and language, while encouraging creative thinking, and building social-emotional skills.

Cool Australia

Science based lesson plans, experiments and more! Great for educators of children aged 6-12. Activity ideas are curriculum aligned, and also encourage students to think creatively and critically.


Be Internet Awesome! Developed by Google, Interland helps kids become safe, confident explorers of the online world. Includes games based around making responsible choices for everyday decisions we face online.

Printable PDF Guide


Arduino is an electronics platform based on easy-to-use hardware and software. Students can learn about electricity while making interactive projects using LEDs, moving parts and more! 

Printable PDF Guide

ABC Splash

Educational games, videos and resources for Foundation to Year 10, covering English, Maths, Technology, The Arts, Science and History

Technology Training

Featured resource: is a leading online learning company that helps anyone learn business, software, technology and creative skills to achieve personal and professional goals. There are over 3,000 courses to choose from with over 150,000 award winning video tutorials taught by industry experts – you can access them all for free with your library card.

Technology Events

Eastern Regional Libraries runs an exciting, year-long program of technology-focused events. Past sessions have included: Buying and Selling on eBay; Privacy and VPNs; How to use Pinterest; and Facebook for Small Business.

Most sessions are completely free of charge and are geared towards beginners. Bring along your questions!

eLearning One-to-Ones

Eastern Regional Libraries offers free, one-on-one sessions to help you access our wide array of online resources. Have a new device, and want to start listening to eAudiobooks? Or have you bought a new iPad, and need to reinstall RbDigital? Then these sessions are for you.

eLearning One-to-One sessions are held around the region by members of our eLearning team. To book your place, please contact your local library or book online.

Be Connected Training

Be Connected is an Australian Government initiative designed to help the community thrive in a digital world. Various online learning resources are available, including access to a Network of community partners, so you can develop your digital skills and confidence. The service is completely free to use and works entirely within your web browser.

eSafety Training

The Australian Government has built a valuable website that’s designed to help Australians become familiar with the best methods of staying safe online. The website is updated regularly, with content created by knowledgeable professionals.

State Library of Victoria Training

The State Library of Victoria has created a course that’s designed to help you get online and use the internet with confidence. It includes tips on searching the web, managing passwords and using email. It’s completely free to use and functions well on library PCs. Browse its various articles to build your confidence online.

Stay Smart Online

Stay Smart Online provides easy to understand advice on how to protect yourself online as well as up-to-date information on the latest online threats and how to respond. It was created by the Australian Government and is completely free to use.

Free Tech Help Sessions

Regular technology support is available at some library branches. These free sessions provide the opportunity for you to ask a library team member your most pressing technology questions. While we can’t necessarily fix a broken device, we’ll help to the best of our abilities!

These sessions are for anyone with any kind of technology question; just bring along your device, your questions, and a sense of curiosity.

Yarra Junction Library

Yarra Junction Library
Thursdays 2:30pm - 4:30pm

This casual computer group is filled with friendly faces who support each other in a fun, social environment. It includes regular themed presentations from the library's technology team. No bookings necessary. Come for a cup of tea and some tech chat!