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BayswaterThe Age11 Week
Herald Sun11 Week
BelgraveThe Age11 Week
The Australian11 Week
Australian Financial Review11 Week
Herald Sun11 Week
Koori Mail11 Month
The Guardian Weekly11 Month
BoroniaThe Age11 Week
The Australian11 Week
Herald Sun11 Week
CroydonThe Age12 Weeks
The Australian12 Weeks
Australian Financial Review12 Weeks
Herald Sun12 Weeks
Ferntree GullyThe Age11 Week
The Australian11 Week
Herald Sun11 Week
HealesvilleThe Age11 Day
Herald Sun11 Day
Weekly Times11 Day
Koori Mail11 Day
Knox LibraryThe Age11 Week
The Weekend Australian11 Week
Australian Financial Review11 Week
Herald Sun21 Week
Neos Kosmos11 Week
Singtao Daily11 Week
LilydaleThe Age11 Week
The Australian11 Week
Australian Financial Review11 Week
Herald Sun11 Week
Koori Mail11 Week
Weekly Times11 Week
Monbulk CRRThe Age11 Day
Herald Sun11 Day
MontroseThe Age11 Week
Herald Sun11 Week
MooroolbarkThe Age11 Week
The Australian11 Week
Herald Sun11 Week
Mt Evelyn CRRThe Age11 Day
Herald Sun11 Day
RealmThe Age21 Week
The Australian21 Week
Australian Financial Review21 Week
Herald Sun21 Week
RowvilleThe Age11 Week
The Australian11 Week
Australian Financial Review11 Week
Herald Sun11 Week
Singtao Daily11 Week
Yarra JunctionThe Age11 Week
Herald Sun11 Week
Weekly Times11 Week
Bayswater Inside Out1992 – 2001Boronia
Boronia and the Basin Community News1994 –Boronia
Croydon Mail1985-Apr 1996Croydon
Croydon-Mooroolbark Gazette1975-1978Ringwood Historical Society
Croydon PostAug 1988-Dec 1990Croydon
Croydon-Ringwood Post1987 (Jan.-Jun.)Ringwood Historical Society
Eastern Post Gazette1968-Mar 1970Ringwood Historical Society
Free Press1953-May 2000 (missing 1955, 1957)Knox Historical Society
Free Press LeaderJune 2002 –Knox Historical Society
Independent MounteasterlyJul 1980-Dec 1984Knox Historical Society
Knox GazetteJun 1969-Dec 1971Knox Historical Society
Knox JournalOct 1999- Sep 2010Knox Historical Society
Knox LeaderMay 2001-Knox Historical Society
Knox NewsJul 1989-Apr 2001Knox Historical Society
Knox PostMar 1995-Sep 1999Knox Historical Society
Knox-Sherbrooke Gazette1972-Jun 1975Knox Historical Society
Knox-Sherbrooke News1969-Jun 1989Knox Historical Society
Knox-Sherbrooke Post1989-Feb 1995Knox Historical Society
Knox StandardNov 1984-Feb 1988Knox Historical Society
Knox WeeklySep 2010 –Knox Historical Society
Lilydale & Monbulk Post1987-1988Lilydale Historical Society
Lillydale & Yarra Valley Express1987-May 2001, 1978-1982Healesville, Lilydale Historical Society
Lilydale & Yarra Valley LeaderMay 2001-Healesville, Lilydale (hold 1 week)
Lilydale Express1886-1920 (microfilm), Jul 1968-Dec 1969, 1972-1973Lilydale Historical Society
Lilydale Shire Express1974-1976 (June)Lilydale Historical Society
Maroondah JournalOct 1999-Ringwood Historical Society
Maroondah LeaderMay 2001-Ringwood Historical Society
Maroondah Mail1961-1964, May 1996-Apr. 20Croydon, Ringwood Historical Society
Maroondah Post1995-Sept 1999Ringwood Historical Society
Monbulk Post1980-1982Lilydale Historical Society
Mountain Views1979-July 1999Healesville
Mountain Views MailJuly 1999-Healesville, Lilydale (hold 1 week)
MounteasterlyJuly 1980-Dec 1982Knox Historical Society
Ranges LeaderMay 2001-June 2002Knox Historical Society
Ranges Trader MailJan 2003-Knox Historical Society
Ringwood-Croydon Gazette1973- 1975Ringwood Historical Society
Ringwood-Croydon Mail1968-1983, 1969-1984Ringwood Historical Society, Croydon
Ringwood Gazette1970 & 1972Ringwood Historical Society
Ringwood Mail1958-1967, 1984-Apr 1996Ringwood Historical Society
Ringwood Post1989-1994Ringwood Historical Society
Rowville Lysterfield Community NewsAllRowville Library
Upper Yarra Guardian Mail1998-July 1999Yarra Junction
Upper Yarra MailSep 1987-1994, Jul 1999-Yarra Junction
Yarra Ranges JournalOct 1999- (unbound)Knox Historical Society (last 6 months)
Yarra Valley Express: see Lillydale & Yarra Valley Express  
Yarra Valley Guardian Mail1995 – Nov 1997Yarra Junction
Yarra Valley NewsJan-Jun 1975, 1977-1978Healesville