Using Your Library

Full library membership is open to any Victorian resident, provided they supply, on their first visit to the library, proof of identity and a Victorian address.If you are over 18, you can join online by completing the web membership form. We will post your membership card to your Victorian address within the next week. When you visit your local branch, bring along some proof of identity and you will be able to borrow library items immediately.

Children under 18 will need the signature of a parent or guardian to become library members.

By becoming a library member, you agree to abide by the conditions of membership.

Existing library members may update their address in person only.


Borrowing and Renewing
What can I borrow?
How many times may I renew?
How am I told about overdue items?
Where can I return my items?
What if I lose my library card?
What if I lose a library item?


Is there a charge for reservations?
How many items may I reserve?
Reservation times
How am I told when my reservation is available?
How long do I have to collect my reservation?


Computer and WiFi use
Lost cards
Overdue items
Printing and Photocopying


Computers and WiFi
Public PCs
Programs on public PCs
Quick access PCs
Printing from public PCs
Printing from Wi-Fi
CDs and DVDs
Personal equipment