Newspapers by branch

BayswaterThe Age11 Week
Herald Sun21 Week
BelgraveThe Age11 Week
The Australian11 Week
Australian Financial Review11 Week
Herald Sun11 Week
Weekly Times11 Week
BoroniaThe Age11 Week
The Australian11 Week
Herald Sun11 Week
CroydonThe Age11 Week
The Australian11 Week
Australian Financial Review11 Week
Herald Sun11 Week
Weekly Times11 Week
Ferntree GullyThe Age11 Week
The Australian11 Week
Herald Sun11 Week
HealesvilleThe Age11 Day
The Australian11 Day
Herald Sun11 Day
Weekly Times11 Day
Knox LibraryThe Age11 Week
Australian Financial Review11 Week
Herald Sun21 Week
Singtao Daily11 Week
LilydaleThe Age11 Week
The Australian11 Week
Australian Financial Review11 Week
Herald Sun11 Week
Weekly Times11 Week
MontroseThe Age11 Week
Herald Sun11 Week
MooroolbarkThe Age11 Week
Herald Sun11 Week
RealmThe Age11 Week
The Australian11 Week
Australian Financial Review11 Week
Herald Sun21 Week
RowvilleThe Age11 Week
The Australian11 Week
Australian Financial Review11 Week
Herald Sun11 Week
Singtao Daily11 Week
Yarra JunctionThe Age11 Week
Herald Sun11 Week
Weekly Times11 Week
Bayswater Inside Out1992 – 2001Boronia
Boronia and the Basin Community News1994 –Boronia
Croydon Mail1985-Apr 1996Croydon
Croydon-Mooroolbark Gazette1975-1978Ringwood Historical Society
Croydon PostAug 1988-Dec 1990Croydon
Croydon-Ringwood Post1987 (Jan.-Jun.)Ringwood Historical Society
Eastern Post Gazette1968-Mar 1970Ringwood Historical Society
Free Press1953-May 2000 (missing 1955, 1957)Knox Historical Society
Free Press LeaderJune 2002 –Knox Historical Society
Independent MounteasterlyJul 1980-Dec 1984Knox Historical Society
Knox GazetteJun 1969-Dec 1971Knox Historical Society
Knox JournalOct 1999- Sep 2010Knox Historical Society
Knox LeaderMay 2001-Knox Historical Society
Knox NewsJul 1989-Apr 2001Knox Historical Society
Knox PostMar 1995-Sep 1999Knox Historical Society
Knox-Sherbrooke Gazette1972-Jun 1975Knox Historical Society
Knox-Sherbrooke News1969-Jun 1989Knox Historical Society
Knox-Sherbrooke Post1989-Feb 1995Knox Historical Society
Knox StandardNov 1984-Feb 1988Knox Historical Society
Knox WeeklySep 2010 –Knox Historical Society
Lilydale & Monbulk Post1987-1988Lilydale Historical Society
Lillydale & Yarra Valley Express1987-May 2001, 1978-1982Healesville, Lilydale Historical Society
Lilydale & Yarra Valley LeaderMay 2001-Healesville, Lilydale (hold 1 week)
Lilydale Express1886-1920 (microfilm), Jul 1968-Dec 1969, 1972-1973Lilydale Historical Society
Lilydale Shire Express1974-1976 (June)Lilydale Historical Society
Maroondah JournalOct 1999-Ringwood Historical Society
Maroondah LeaderMay 2001-Ringwood Historical Society
Maroondah Mail1961-1964, May 1996-Apr. 20Croydon, Ringwood Historical Society
Maroondah Post1995-Sept 1999Ringwood Historical Society
Monbulk Post1980-1982Lilydale Historical Society
Mountain Views1979-July 1999Healesville
Mountain Views MailJuly 1999-Healesville, Lilydale (hold 1 week)
MounteasterlyJuly 1980-Dec 1982Knox Historical Society
Ranges LeaderMay 2001-June 2002Knox Historical Society
Ranges Trader MailJan 2003-Knox Historical Society
Ringwood-Croydon Gazette1973- 1975Ringwood Historical Society
Ringwood-Croydon Mail1968-1983, 1969-1984Ringwood Historical Society, Croydon
Ringwood Gazette1970 & 1972Ringwood Historical Society
Ringwood Mail1958-1967, 1984-Apr 1996Ringwood Historical Society
Ringwood Post1989-1994Ringwood Historical Society
Rowville Lysterfield Community NewsAllRowville Library
Upper Yarra Guardian Mail1998-July 1999Yarra Junction
Upper Yarra MailSep 1987-1994, Jul 1999-Yarra Junction
Yarra Ranges JournalOct 1999- (unbound)Knox Historical Society (last 6 months)
Yarra Valley Express: see Lillydale & Yarra Valley Express  
Yarra Valley Guardian Mail1995 – Nov 1997Yarra Junction
Yarra Valley NewsJan-Jun 1975, 1977-1978Healesville

Local History


  • Yarra Glen Memorial Hall, Bell Street, Yarra Glen, 3775
  • Farndons Community Hall, 42 Falls Road, Mt Dandenong, 3767
  • Monbulk Living & Learning Centre, 21 Main Street, Monbulk, 3793

Eastern Regional Libraries values our role in connecting residents with their local history. Browse the categories below to find information on the following topics.

Each branch of Eastern Regional Libraries maintains a local history collection relevant to its own local area, as well as to the wider region covered by the library service. The collections include books, pamphlets, and local and community newspapers. Please refer to your local library for specific information.

Original materials such as manuscripts and photographs are not included in the collection; they are held by local historical societies.

Local historical societies or groups are eligible to have their catalogues included in the Eastern Regional Libraries Community Databases. The local area includes the City of Knox, City of Maroondah or the Shire of Yarra Ranges. Historical Societies, community groups or clubs with a collection that contains material of historical and cultural significance to the community are eligible to be included.

The Eastern Regional Libraries Community Databases project was created to enable local societies and community groups to have historical or cultural information accessible over the internet, via the library website.

The following databases are searchable. Simply click on the database name to be taken to the search window.

Additional third party resources:

The copyright of the catalogue records remain the property of the participating organisations, who are responsible for maintaining the content of the database records.

The following are local history societies and museums in the Eastern Regional Libraries area. Website links appear where applicable.

Croydon Historical Society
Address: Museum, Library Complex, Civic Square
Croydon, 3136
Postal Address: 5 Civic Square, Croydon, 3136
T: 9294 5648

Dandenong Ranges Historical Council
Umbrella organization of Dandenong Ranges Historical & Heritage Societies.
Postal Address: 4 Wirilda Close
Belgrave South, 3160

Healesville & District Historical Society
Address: : Healesville Community Link Building, 110 River Street, Healesville, 3777
Postal Address: PO Box 1381
Healesville 3777
T: 5962 1655
Website: Healesville Historical

Knox Historical Society
Address: Ambleside Park, 3 Olivebank Road, Ferntree Gully.
Postal Address: PO Box 8124
Ferntree Gully, 3156
T: 9758 6722
Website: Knox Historical

Lilydale & District Historical Society
Address: Lilydale Court House, 61 Castella Street, Lilydale, 3140
Postal Address: PO Box 834
Lilydale 3140
T: 9735 1661
Website: Lilydale Historical

Monbulk Historical Society
Address: Monbulk Living & Learning Centre, 21 Main Street, Monbulk, 3793
Postal Address: PO Box 98
Monbulk 3793
Website: Monbulk Historical

Mont De Lancey Historic Home & Museum
Address: Wellington Rd, Wandin.
Postal Address: P.O. Box 316
Wandin, 3139
T: 5964 2088
Website: Mont de Lancey Museum

Mt Dandenong & District Historical Society
Address: Farndons Community Hall, 42 Falls Road, Mt Dandenong, 3767
Postal Address: PO Box 182
Olinda, 3788
T: 9755 3802
Website: Dandenong Historical

Mt Evelyn History Group
Postal Address: PO Box 289
Mt Evelyn 3796
Website: Mt Evelyn Historical

National Trust (Dandenong Ranges Branch)
Postal Address: PO Box 146
Belgrave, 3160
Website: National Trust

Prahran Mechanics Institute
Address: 140 High St, Prahran.
Postal Address: PO Box 1080
Windsor, 3181
T: 9510 3393
Website: Prahran Mechanics

Puffing Billy Preservation Society
Address: Puffing Billy Railway, Belgrave.
Postal Address: PO Box 451
Belgrave 3160.
Website: Puffing Billy

Ringwood & District Historical Society
Address: Senior Citizens Building, Norwood Reserve, Warrandyte Road, Ringwood, 3134
Postal Address: 11 Ripley Court
Ringwood, 3134
T: 0418 103 256
Website: Ringwood Historical

Rowville-Lysterfield History Project
Website: Rowville Historical

Royal Historical Society of Victoria
Address: 239 Beckett Street, Melbourne.
T: 9326 9288
Website: RHSV

Sherbrooke Foothills Historical Society
Address: Upwey Township Hall, Upwey, 3158
Postal Address: PO Box 1160
Upwey, 3158
T: 9723 0630
Website: Sherbrooke Foothills Historical

Southern Sherbrooke Historical Society
Address: Old St Martins Church Hall, Colby Dr, Belgrave Heights
Postal Address: c/o 62 Menzies Rd
Menzies Creek, 3159
Website: Southern Sherbrooke Historical

The Patch Heritage Association
Address: 36 Kallista-Emerald Rd, The Patch
Postal Address: PO Box 46
The Patch, 3792.

Upper Yarra Valley Historical Society
Address: Old Railway Station, Warburton Hwy, Yarra Junction
Postal Address: PO Box 211
Yarra Junction, 3797
T: 03 5967 2167
Website: Upper Yarra Historical

Yarra Glen & District Historical Society
Address: Yarra Glen Memorial Hall, Bell Street, Yarra Glen, 3775
Postal Address: c/o Yarra Glen Post Office, Bell Street
Yarra Glen, 3775
T: 03 9730 1875
Website: Yarra Glen Historical

Yarra Ranges Regional Museum
Address: 35-37 Castella Street, Lilydale, 3140
Postal Address: PO Box 105
Lilydale, 3140
T: 9294 6313
Website: Yarra Ranges Regional Museum

The following table provides a guide to the location of some historical rate records for Knox, Maroondah and Yarra Ranges residents. Please note there may be a charge to access some of these resources.

Berwick, Shire (Scoresby Riding)1875-1900CD-ROMKnox Historical Society
To Be Advised
Fern Tree Gully, Shire1892-1935CD-ROMKnox Historical Society
To Be Advised
1936-1964Original (some missing)Public Record Office of Victoria
Knox, Shire (1963-69); City of (1969-94)1963-1994Destroyed in council fire
Croydon, Shire (1961-71); City of (1971-94)1961-1994OriginalPublic Record Office of Victoria, VPRS 8829
Ringwood, Borough (1924-60); City of (1960-94)1924-1994OriginalPublic Record Office of Victoria, VPRS 12126
Healesville, Shire1890-1940CD-ROMTo Be Advised
Lillydale, Shire1872-1945CD-ROMTo Be Advised
1945-1994OriginalPublic Record Office of Victoria
Sherbrooke, Shire1961-1994OriginalPublic Record Office of Victoria
Upper Yarra, Shire1895 and 1904-1930CD-ROMTo Be Advised
Yarra Junction Library

Researching the history of your house can often be an intriguing task. It also can be a time-consuming and challenging one. People who have undertaken research into their family history often want to use the skills they have learned to find out information about the history of the house where they themselves live, or those places where their ancestors lived.

For more information, including research methods and resources, please click here.