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Ajne - Spock

I am Spock - Leonard Nimoy

Loved the conversations Nimoy and Spock have with each other, I could vividly hear Spock’s voice in every conversation. Enjoyed reading how Nimoy contributed to Spock’s character development, and the many battles he had with writers and directors to ensure that Spock appeared consistent in each of the 79 original episodes and movies. Nimoy provided an entertaining analysis of each of the Star Trek episodes and of the movies, with many candid and staged photos to peruse.


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The Arsonist - Chloe Hooper

Well researched true crime story of the man who lit two fires in Gippsland on Black Saturday - a timely read as we head into another fire season 🔥

Sue W

Lost Without You - Rachel Johns

Rachael Johns is an Australian author who writes "life lit" stories (a genre she has coined) and this book is all about the lives of 4 different women who are connected through a wedding dress.
It's a beautifully written story - perfect for a summer read.


Sapiens - Yuval Noah Harari

This is a brief history of humankind from 70,000 years ago to the present. The author describes four critical periods of development, namely the Cognitive Revolution, the Agricultural Revolution, the Age of Empires, and the Scientific Revolution. He believes these movements indicate the way in which Sapiens has come to dominate the world, by use of intellect and co-operation on an ever-increasing scale, and that it is our ability to weave myths and common ways of thinking that binds us together.This book is provocative, and shines a new light on our journey as a species to our present position as masters of the planet. The line between science and opinion is sometimes blurred, but it is readable and stimulating for those interested in both our past and our future.


Burke & Wills - Peter Fitzsimons

Burke & Wills is not a disappointment. It is a familiar story to most Australians but Peter Fitzsimons brings it alive with his meticulous research (aided by a team of researchers), and humorous turn of phrase. It may not appeal however, to someone who holds Burke in high regard; he does not get off lightly in this telling of the tale. In fact, very few of the participants do. The mismanagement of the expedition from start to finish is truly astounding, something of which I was not really aware. There are two sides to every story of course and this is just one historian’s perspective, but it does make for enthralling reading.

Linda D
forza 4

Forza Horizon 4 - Xbox One

Forza Horizon 4, the latest offering in the Forza series has again jumped well ahead of the competition in playground car games. Set in Edinburgh, the game takes you through both the city rush of traffic with the freedom to explore the vast countryside in whatever car you dream. You are able to experience this all in changeable conditions with the addition of seasons, meaning you can cruise in the scorching sun or go off road in the snow. This is by far one of the best motorsports game I've ever played, best of all it features all the cars I've ever dreamed of being able to drive.


Chromatopia - David Coles

A fascinating overview of mankind’s history of turning earth, metals, bones, and other mysterious- and often poisonous- elements into colours for painting, writing, and dyeing the things we create. Informative, pithy pages on various colours- from Cochineal, made from crushed insects and used in skeins of brilliant red wool in Aztec markets and even the carmine in lipstick, to the aptly named and ancient ‘Mummy brown’, are partnered with beautifully shot photographs and illustrations.

Shani D
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