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The yield

Author: Winch, Tara June
Type: Book - XX(1746210.1)
Year: 2019
The yield in English is the reaping, the things that man can take from the land. In the language of the Wiradjuri yield is the things you give to, the movement, the space between things: baayanha....
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After the carnage

Author: Winch, Tara June
Year: 2016
A single mother resorts to extreme measures to protect her young son. A Nigerian student undertakes a United Nations internship in the hope of a better future. A recently divorced man starts a running...
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Swallow the air

Author: Winch, Tara June
Type: Book - XX(1749912.2)
Year: 2006
When May's mother dies suddenly, she and her brother Billy are taken in by an aunt. However their loss leaves them both searching for their place in a world that doesn't want them. May sets...
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