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No more war : how the West violates international law by using 'humanitarian' intervention to advance economic and strategic interests

Author: Kovalik, Dan
Type: Book - XX(1765974.1)
Year: 2020
International Human Rights & The Prohibition of Aggressive War sets out to reclaim the original intent of the Charter founders to end the scourge of war on the heels of the devastation wrought by...
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Where war ends : a combat veteran's 2,700-mile journey to heal : recovering from PTSD and moral injury through meditation

Author: Voss, Tom (Thomas P.)
Type: Book - 616.8521 VOSS
Year: 2019
After serving in a scout/sniper platoon in Mosul, Tom Voss came home carrying invisible wounds of war -- the memory of doing or witnessing things that went against his fundamental beliefs. This was...
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Author: Walker, Frank, (Frank William)
Type: Book - 940.54 WALK
Year: 2017
In October 1943 Winston Churchill, Franklin D. Roosevelt and Josef Stalin signed a solemn pact that once their enemies were defeated the Allied powers would 'pursue them to the uttermost ends of...
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Draw your weapons

Author: Sentilles, Sarah
Type: Book - 303.66 SENT
Year: 2017
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National bird [DVD] : drone wars

Type: DVD
Year: 2016
National Bird is the story of courageous whistle-blowers who break the silence around the secret U.S. drone war a decision that will change their lives forever. At the centre of the film are three...
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What did you do in the Cold War, daddy? : personal stories from a troubled time

Type: Book - 994.05 WHAT
Year: 2014
The Cold War was a turbulent time to grow up in. Family ties were tested, friendships were torn apart and new beliefs forged out of the ruins of old loyalties. In this book, through twelve evocative...
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Predators : the CIA's drone war on al Qaeda

Author: Williams, Brian Glyn
Type: Book - 327.1273 WILL
Year: 2013
"Predators" is a riveting introduction to the murky world of Predator and Reaper drones, the CIA s and U.S. military s most effective and controversial killing tools. Brian Glyn Williams...
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