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Dear parents : letters from the teacher-- your children, their education, and how you can help

Author: Stroud, G. J. (Gabrielle J.), 1977-
Type: Book - XX(1758471.2)
Year: 2020
In this funny, heartfelt and passionate call to arms, Gabbie Stroud makes a plea to all parents to understand their roles as their children's lifelong teachers and show how they can best help...
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Growing pineapples in the Outback

Author: Lister, Rebecca
Type: Book - XX(1758393.1)
Year: 2020
When a professional urban couple relocate to regional Australia to care for an ageing parent, they find it more confronting yet also rewarding than they could have imagined. When Rebecca Lister and...
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Fridays with my folks : stories on ageing, illness and life

Author: Awad, Amal
Type: Book - 362.6 AWAD
Year: 2019
Amal Awad's life changed when her father was diagnosed with kidney failure. It was a shock to see the impact it had on him, both physically and mentally, and the way the side effects trickled onto...
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9 ways to a resilient child

Author: Coulson, Justin
Type: Book - 649 COUL
Year: 2017
The author of 21 Days to a Happier Family, Dr Justin Coulson, on raising kids who'll bounce back from adversity and challenging times. Have you ever watched your child give up too quickly and...
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Life through Sam's eyes

Author: Valavanis, Jim
Type: Book - 612.8 VALA
Year: 2016
Jim and Lisa Valavanis share their inspirational story of what they went through and how they coped and survived when a family crisis struck down their son Sam. Sam was diagnosed with Retinoblastoma...
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The long goodbye [audio book CD]

Author: Parker, Pamela
Type: Audio Book - AUDIO BOOK
Year: 2016
Spanning three generations of a rural Queensland farming family, 'The Long Goodbye' is an unforgettable story of love and loss by an outstanding new writer of originality and remarkable skill....
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The life series collection [DVD]

Type: DVD
Year: 2014
"The Life Series is a science documentary series that chronicles the stories of a group of Australian children as they grow from infancy to adolescence, recording their most important life events...
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Family matters : laughter and wisdom from the home front

Author: McDermott, Pat, 1947-
Type: Book - 306.85 MCDE
Year: 2014
2014 marks the 30 year anniversary of the start of Pat McDermott's much-loved Family Matters column on the last page of the Australian Women's Weekly. Her hilarious observations on her own...
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Managing your ageing parent's care : how to get help, choose the right housing and stop worrying

Author: Sumner, Kate.
Type: Book - 362.6 SUMN
Year: 2012
Today, more than two million Australians are over 70 years of age; by the year 2050 seniors are likely to make up almost 30 percent of the population. The implications of this are not just political;...
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Cradle songs [music CD] : the world's most beautiful guitar lullabies

Author: Schaupp, Karin.
Type: CD - CD
Year: 2010
Inspired by the birth of her own daughter Alexa, world-renowned guitarist Karin Schaupp has released an enchanting CD of some of the world’s most loved and beautiful lullabies. When Alexa was born,...
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