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No place for an octopus

Author: Zorn, Claire
Type: Book - PIC
Year: 2019
After discovering an octopus in the rock pools at the beach, a boy wonders about all the fun adventures they could share if he took the octopus home. From multi-award-winning author Claire Zorn comes...
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Jasper juggles jellyfish

Author: Long, Ben, 1980-
Type: Book - XX(1751710.1)
Year: 2018
An octopus called Jasper gives up on learning the basics at school to pursue something he thinks will be more fun. He soon finds that even fun things can be difficult to learn. But luckily, a smack of...
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Take your octopus to school day

Author: Vernick, Audrey
Type: Book - PIC
Year: 2018
Just once, Sam wants to be the best on a special day at school, but on "Take Your Octopus to School Day," his pet, Thurgood, surprises even him. Find a Copy

Also an octopus, or, a little bit of nothing

Author: Tokuda-Hall, Maggie
Type: Book - PIC
Year: 2016
How to build a story? First, a story needs a character. So why not a ukulele-playing octopus? And since this is a story, the octopus has to want something maybe it dreams of travelling to faraway...
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Melissa's octopus and other unsuitable pets

Author: Voake, Charlotte
Type: Book - PIC(1605427.27)
Year: 2014
There are certain animals that make suitable pets, like a cat, a dog or a guinea pig. Then there are other animals that definitely make UNSUITABLE pets, like an octopus, a warthog or an elephant. They...
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