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Hilda and the stone forest

Author: Pearson, Luke
Type: Book - JUMP
Year: 2016
Hilda is hardly at home anymore, seeking days filled with excitement and her mother can't help but worry. In a moment of tension, the pair find themselves flung far away into a mysterious, dark...
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Attack of the 50 foot wallflower

Author: Heidicker, Christian McKay
Type: Book - XX(1755930.2)
Year: 2019
From the author of Cure for the Common Universe comes a monster-movie-like novel that bravely challenges perceived notions of beauty, identity, and modern voyeurism. Phoebe Lane is a lightning rod for...
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The library of lost things : a novel

Author: Namey, Laura Taylor
Type: Book - XX(1755698.2)
Year: 2019
She'll read a thousand happy endings before she finds her own.From the moment she first learned to read, literary genius Darcy Wells has spent most of her time living in the worlds of her books....
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Lucky little things

Author: Erlbaum, Janice, 1969-
Type: Book - AM I0C A
Year: 2019
Eighth-grader Emma Macintyre could use some good luck. The popular kids at her school ignore her, the boy she likes is out of her league, and her best friend has been ditching her for the mean girls....
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No big deal

Author: Rutter, Bethany
Type: Book - XX(1753787.1)
Year: 2019
It's not my body that's holding me back. It's more of a problem that people keep telling me it should. Meet Emily Daly, a stylish, cute, intelligent and hilarious seventeen-year-old about...
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Glow of the fireflies

Author: Duga, Lindsey
Type: Book - XX(1752150.1)
Year: 2019
Briony never planned to go back to the place she lost everything. Firefly Valley, nestled deep within the Smoky Mountains, is better kept in her past. After an unexplained fire gave Briony amnesia,...
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Rise of the dragons

Author: Sage, Angie
Type: Book - XX(1751378.2)
Year: 2019
Once our world was full of dragons who lived in harmony with humans. Dragons counseled kings and queens. They fought in human battles. And they gave humans the most precious gift of all: magic. But...
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The M word

Author: Conaghan, Brian, 1971-
Type: Book - XX(1751123.1)
Year: 2019
Maggie Yates tells her best mate Moya everything. She tells her about Mum losing her job -- how Mum's taken to crying in secret. She even tells her about her foolproof plan to cheer Mum up: find...
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The year we fell from space

Author: King, A. S. (Amy Sarig), 1970-
Type: Book - XX(1750796.2)
Year: 2019
Liberty Johansen is going to change the way we look at the night sky. Most people see the old constellations, the things they've been told to see. But Liberty sees new patterns, pictures and...
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The love & lies of Rukhsana Ali

Author: Khan, Sabina, 1968-
Type: Book - XX(1750358.2)
Year: 2019
Seventeen-year-old Rukhsana Ali is looking forward to going to Caltech and getting away from her conservative Muslim parents' expectation that she will marry, especially since she is in love with...
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To be honest

Author: Martin, Maggie Ann
Type: Book - XX(1750139.1)
Year: 2019
After her older sister goes to college, Savannah is left home alone with her weight-obsessed mother, and must find consolation in a new relationship with George, who has insecurities of his own. Find a Copy

The Girlhoods

Author: Rogers, Hilary
Type: Book - JUNIOR R
Year: 2019
Girltopia is a city run by women and girls - and it's an amazing place. There's hardly any crime, transport is free, and lots of girls are getting a taste for change. Clara and her friends are...
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