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This book could save your life : the real science of living longer better

Author: Lawton, Graham
Type: Book - XX(1762080.1)
Year: 2020
We all want to be healthier, stronger and live longer, but what really works? From stress to saturated fats, HIIT to HRT, veganism to vitamins, This Book Could Save Your Life debunks the fads and...
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How to be human

Author: Lawton, Graham
Type: Book - 576.8 LAWT
Year: 2017
If you thought you knew who you were, think again. Did you know that half your DNA isn't human? That somebody, somewhere has exactly the same face? Or that most of your memories are fiction? What...
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The origin of (almost) everything

Author: Lawton, Graham
Type: Book - 500 LAWT
Year: 2016
From what actually happened in the Big Bang to the accidental discovery of post-it notes, science is packed with surprising discoveries. Did you know, for instance, that if you were to get too close...
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