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Shadows of death [large print] : a Dorothy Martin mystery

Author: Dams, Jeanne M
Type: Book - Large Print - LP DAMS MYSTERY
Year: 2015
While on a trip to visit a Stone Age excavation, Dorothy and her husband, retired Chief Constable Alan Nesbitt, launch an unofficial investigation into the murder of the principal donor for the...
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Murder in the secret garden [large print]

Author: Adams, Ellery
Type: Book - Large Print - LP ADAM MYSTERY
Year: 2017
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Daughters of Northern Shores [large print]

Author: Bischof, Joanne
Type: Book - Large Print - LP BISC HISTORICAL
Year: 2019
Aven voyaged to America where she was wooed and wed by Thor Norgaard, a deaf man in rural Appalachia. His younger brother and rival Haakon made choices that shattered Aven's trust in him. Now...
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Dishing the dirt [large print] : an Agatha Raisin mystery

Author: Beaton, M. C
Type: Book - Large Print - LP BEAT MYSTERY
Year: 2015
When therapist Jill Davent moved to Carsely, Agatha Raisin was not a fan. Not only was she romancing Agatha's ex-husband, but she'd hired a private detective to dig up details of Agatha's...
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First sight [large print] : a novel

Author: Steel, Danielle
Type: Book - Large Print - LP STEE ROMANCE
Year: 2013
New York. London. Milan. Paris. Fashion Week in all four cities. A month of endless interviews, parties, and unflagging work and attention to detail at the semiannual ready to wear fashion shows ......
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Cavendon Hall [large print]

Author: Bradford, Barbara Taylor, 1933-
Type: Book - Large Print - LP BRAD HISTORICAL
Year: 2014
Cavendon Hall is home to two families, the aristocratic Inghams and the Swanns who serve them. Charles Ingham, the sixth Earl of Mowbray, lives there with his wife Felicity and their six children....
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Dearly beloved [large print]

Author: Putney, Mary Jo
Type: Book - Large Print - LP PUTN ROMANCE
Year: 2019
A sheltered life in the countryside has left Diana Lindsay restless to see the wider world, for both herself and the son she is raising alone. She cannot marry, but perhaps as a courtesan she will...
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The bride test [large print]

Author: Hoang, Helen
Type: Book - Large Print - LP HOAN ROMANCE
Year: 2019
Khai Diep has no feelings. Oh, he feels irritation when people move his things or contentment when ledgers balance down to the penny, but he doesn't experience big, important emotions like love...
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The keeper [large print]

Author: Lescroart, John T.
Type: Book - Large Print - LP LESC THRILLER
Year: 2014
Katie Chase, wife of Hal Chase, a guard in the San Francisco County Jail, has disappeared. By the time Dismas Hardy hears about it, Katie has been missing for five days. The case has become a...
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The lost key [large print]

Author: Coulter, Catherine
Type: Book - Large Print - LP COUL THRILLER
Year: 2014
Freshly minted FBI agent Nicholas Drummond is barely out of his Quantico training when he and his partner, Mike Caine, are called to investigate a stabbing on Wall Street. Their investigation,...
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Beyond danger [large print]

Author: Martin, Kat
Type: Book - Large Print - LP MART MYSTERY
Year: 2018
Texas mogul Beau Reese is furious. All six feet three, obscenely wealthy, good-looking inches of him. His sixty-year-old father, Stewart, a former state senator no less, has impregnated a teenager....
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The winter guest [large print]

Author: Jenoff, Pam
Type: Book - Large Print - LP JENO
Year: 2014
A stirring novel of first love in a time of war and the unbearable choices that could tear sisters apart. Find a Copy