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The cherry harvest

Author: Sanna, Lucy
Type: Book - SANN
Year: 2015
The war has taken a toll on the Christiansen family. With food rationed and money scarce, Charlotte struggles to keep her family well fed. Her teenage daughter, Kate, raises rabbits to earn money for...
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Fox friend

Author: Morpurgo, Michael
Type: Book - JUNIOR M
Year: 2014
The moving story of a girl who tries to nurse an injured fox cub back to health. Clare has lived her whole life on a farm, but she's never seen a fox - until she finds a tiny, injured cub...
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The extraordinary Tom Fink : where it all began

Author: Casey, Karen
Type: Book - XX(1760347.1)
Year: 2019
Strange things have been happening since Polly, James and little Peg moved from the city to the farm. Cows appear from nowhere. Soccer balls move on their own. Cockatoos and kookaburras are lining up...
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Forever hidden

Author: Peterson, Tracie
Type: Book - XX(1759512.2)
Year: 2020
When her grandfather's health begins to decline, Havyn is determined to keep her family together. But everyone has secrets--including John, the hired stranger who recently arrived on their farm....
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The Sunnyvale girls [large print]

Author: Palmer, Fiona, (Romance fiction writer)
Type: Book - Large Print - LP PALM ROMANCE
Year: 2019
Three generations of Stewart women share a deep connection to their family farm in western Australia, but a secret from the past threatens to tear them apart. Widowed matriarch Maggie remembers a time...
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Summer at Mount Hope [large print]

Author: Ham, Rosalie
Type: Book - Large Print - LP HAM HISTORICAL
Year: 2019
Rural Australia, 1894: Phoeba Crupp lives with her squabbling parents and younger sister Lilith on a small farm. Her father is an eccentric ex-accountant who moved his family from the city in order to...
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Heaven adjacent [large print]

Author: Hyde, Catherine Ryan
Type: Book - Large Print - LP HYDE
Year: 2019
Roseanna Chaldecott spent her life as a high-powered lawyer in Manhattan. But when her best friend and law partner dies suddenly, something snaps. Unsure of her future, Roseanna heads upstate on one...
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Flame Tree Hill [audio book MP3]

Author: Magro, Mandy
Year: 2019
Kirsty Mitchell fled Flame Tree Hill after a tragic accident three years ago. Now, she's ready to return home. But at 25 Kirsty isn't prepared for the terrifying new challenge ahead: breast...
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Melting Moments [paperback]

Author: Goldsworthy, Anna.
Type: Book - XX(1758258.1)
Year: 2020
It is 1941. Eighteen-year-old Ruby leaves behind the family farm, her serious mother and roguish father, and heads for Adelaide. After a brief courtship, she enters into a hasty marriage with a...
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The sunken road

Author: Disher, Garry, 1949-
Type: Book - XX(1756322.3)
Year: 2019
First published in 1996. At the height of the Great Depression, with farmers walking off the land and the city's creeks lined with kerosene-tin shanties, a young mother is taken by a shark in the...
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Novel houses : twenty famous fictional dwellings

Author: Hardyment, Christina
Type: Book - XX(1756003.6)
Year: 2020
Novel Houses' visits unforgettable dwellings in twenty legendary works of English and American fiction. Each chapter stars a famous novel in which a dwelling is pivotal to the plot, and reveals...
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Under a firefly moon

Author: Kauffman, Donna
Type: Book - XX(1754274.2)
Year: 2020
When former barrel racer Cheyenne McCafferty left the circuit, she left her past behind too. Now, as part owner of Lavender Blue farm, she's content rescuing and rehabbing horses, and growing a...
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