Woods, Stuart.
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  • Published: 2020
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Teddy Fay is back in Hollywood and caught in two tricky situations. First, a rising star at Centurion becomes the target of malicious gossip, and Teddy must find and neutralize the source before the situation gets out of hand--or becomes violent. At the same time, Teddy finds himself targeted by a criminal thug bearing a grudge.


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9780593083253 (hbk) $45.35

Personal Author:

Woods, Stuart.


Bombshell / Woods, Stuart.

Publication info:

New York, USA : Putnam, 2020.

Physical description:

320 p. 23 cm.

Series Statement:

(Teddy Fay, 4)

General Note:

Scheduled to be published May 2020

Index term:

US & CAN thriller / suspense fiction

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