Code 8 [DVD]

Code 8 [DVD]
  • Item Type: DVD
  • Published: 2019
  • Classification: TBA
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  • Queue Length: 20

In a world where people with "special" abilities are living in poverty, Conner Reed (Robbie Amell) is a powerful young man who is struggling to pay for his ailing mother's medical treatment. To earn money, he joins a lucrative criminal world led by Garrett (Stephen Amell), who works for a drug lord (Greg Bryk).Based on the short film.

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Science Fiction


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Library DVD XX(1755574.1) Coming Soon
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DEF2888 Madman Entertainment


Code 8 [DVD]

Publication info:

Madman Entertainment 24/12/2019

General Note:

Madman Entertainment: DEF2888


Jeff Chan


Robbie Amell--Stephen Amell--Greg Bryk--Sung Kang--Kari Matchett


Censorship classification: TBA

Technical details:

DVD region 4

Subject term:

Science Fiction

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