Elevator Pitch / [TP]

Elevator Pitch / [TP]
Barclay, Linwood.
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  • Published: 2019
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It all begins on a Monday, when four people board an elevator in a Manhattan office tower. Each presses a button for their floor, but the elevator proceeds, non-stop, to the top. Once there, it stops for a few seconds, and then plummets to the bottom of the shaft. It appears to be a horrific, random tragedy. But then, on Tuesday, it happens again.


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9780008332006 $25.85

Personal Author:

Barclay, Linwood.


Elevator Pitch / Barclay, Linwood. [TP]

Publication info:

Richmond, UK : Mira Books, 2019.

General Note:

Scheduled to be published August 2019

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US & CAN thriller / suspense fiction

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