The Electric Hotel

The Electric Hotel
Smith, Dominic, 1971-
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  • Published: 2019
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This novel winds through the nascent days of cinema in Paris and Fort Lee, New Jersey - America's first movie town - and on the battlefields of Belgium during World War I. A sweeping work of historical fiction, it shimmers between past and present as it tells the story of the rise and fall of a prodigious film studio and one man's doomed obsession with all that passes in front of the viewfinder. For nearly half a century, Claude Ballard has been living at the Hollywood Knickerbocker Hotel. A French pioneer of silent films, who started out as a concession agent for the Lumiere brothers, the inventors of cinema, Claude now spends his days foraging mushrooms in the hills of Los Angeles and taking photographs of runaways and the striplings along Sunset Boulevard. But when a film-history student comes to interview Claude about The Electric Hotel - the lost masterpiece that bankrupted him and ended the career of his muse, Sabine Montrose - the past comes surging back. In his run-down hotel suite, the ravages of the past are waiting to be excavated: celluloid fragments and reels in desperate need of restoration, and Claude's memories of the woman who inspired and beguiled him.

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Film historians--Fiction.
Man-woman relationships--Fiction


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9781760528621 (paperback)

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Smith, Dominic, 1971-


The Electric Hotel / Dominic Smith.

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Crows Nest, NSW : Allen & Unwin, 2019.

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449 pages : illustrations ; 23 cm

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Originally published : New York : Sarah Crichton Books, Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 2019.

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Subject term:

Film historians--Fiction.

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Man-woman relationships--Fiction

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Historical fiction.

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