Your Library News – September 2023

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As winter’s chill gently yields to the crisp embrace of spring, we welcome you to a month bursting with new beginnings and enriching experiences.

Prepare to be captivated by our most expansive What’s On guide to date! Like the unfurling petals of a blossoming flower, our spring lineup of events and activities promises to ignite your curiosity and invigorate your spirit.Embrace the energising pursuit of knowledge during Adult Learners Week! Why not try cookie decorating? Or virtual reality? Or Tai Chi? Learning a new skill is always worth it.Excitement fills the air as the September School Holidays draw near. Our program of exciting events is available now! Bookings open for all events at midday on 9 September.
Dementia Action Week (18-24 September) is an opportunity to cultivate compassion and understanding for those living with dementia and their loved ones. Learn about our collection of robotic companion animals, discover the link between hearing and dementia, and attend the Knox Dementia Friendly Launch.And as always – happy reading!