Click for Home Delivery is Back!

The original version of “Click For Home Delivery”, was concentrated on delivering only the items you requested to your home.

With the reintroduction of Stage 3 restrictions we have refined the original delivery process that we introduced in April.

As you will appreciate, there is a cost involved in sending out your items by Auspost or the courier services we have contracted.

To maximise the outcomes from the service and after looking at the different options available we have decided to use a large, standardised sized box. This box size makes handling easier and safer for our staff and couriers, as well as maximising the benefits of the service.

The larger box allows us to send you not only your requested items, but also a curated selection of other items if your requested items do not fill the box.

You can tell us what authors and genres you like with the curated selection or ask for us to surprise you with items chosen from our great collections. This may widen your reading and introduce items to you that you may not have considered in the past.

This great home delivery service is only made possible for you thanks to the funding and support provided by our three member councils – Knox, Maroondah and Yarra Ranges.