Health Apps

A majority of smart phones will have basic health tracking functions built in, including a pedometer.
Depending on the brand, operating system and available hardware, your device may be able to measure various health data including –

  • Steps
  • Physical activity
  • Heart Rate
  • Sleep

Measuring steps
Using an inbuilt pedometer, your phone may be able to measure steps, distance walked and stairs climbed. An independent sensor measure steps and a companion health app extracts the data, working out when, where are for how long you walked in an easy to take in form Track your step trends by hour, day or week and view the amount of time spent on your feet per day.

Physical Activity
Health apps will use step, movement and GPS data from your device to determine when you are physically active. Apps will let you ‘start’ a workout manually or automatically recognise that you are being physically active and register the activity.
Data is logged so you can view when and where you were along with speed. Measure various activity from walks, runs, bike rides, gym sessions or stretches. Different apps will have different activities you can track.

Heart Rate
Wearable devices can be used to measure your heart rate if your device does not have an independent heart rate monitor. Smart watches and wearable devices are the easiest way to measure and sync heart rate data to your phone. Some apps will however turn your phone camera into a heart rate monitor to measure BPM. The Samsung Galaxy phone range all have an in built heart rate, blood glucose and stress monitor.

Health companion apps measure phone usage to determine when you are asleep and track trends accordingly. Generally it will measure the time between final phone usage and first phone usage.
You can manually enter sleep data and your quality of sleep however wearable devices can measure exact sleep times and overall quality of sleep. Use ‘screen time’ functions to limit device usage during certain hours.

All apps are free to download, however some have a paid premium feature.

Apple Health
The Health app gathers data from your apple devices and apps that you already use, so you can view all your data in one convenient place. The Apple Health app is pre-installed on a majority of Apple Devices.

Samsung Health
Download the Samsung Health app on Apple or Android devices and use your Galaxy device to measure key health points including BPM, stress and blood glucose levels. Set goals and view health trends from phone data or by extracting data from a Samsung wearable device.

Google Fit
Set and achieve activity goals to help improve your health based off World Health Organization targets.

  • Move Minutes – Earn Move Minutes for all your activity
  • Heart Points – Earn heart points for each minute of moderate activity

Record your walking, running or cycling. Share workouts with friends and compete for the best time. Measure distance, speed and track on a map where you have been. Strava is a great way to map out or find great hiking and walking trails

Calm contains breathing exercises to help you relax and guided meditation sessions tailored to how you are feeling. Listen to sleep stories to help you fall into a deep sleep and complete a daily calm program.

Learn to meditate and live mindfully with hundreds of themed mindfulness sessions. Select sessions based around stress, sleep, focus or anxiety and complete quick 1 minute guided meditations for busy schedules. Free to download, premium version and access available.