Our New Catalogue

The Eastern Regional Libraries team is excited to present a brand new item search experience for members! This new catalogue replaces the antiquated original catalogue and addresses many of the concerns members have raised. In addition to being lightning fast to use, the new catalogue is mobile friendly and is baked right into this website. It’ll work beautifully whether you’re using a computer, tablet or even a mobile, and invites you to explore your library’s vast collection of items.

Some features included in the original catalogue are not yet available, so if you need advanced search filtering/sorting or if you use the My Lists functionality, please bookmark the original catalogue. As delightful as it looks, the new catalogue remains a work in progress. The team is hoping to hear your thoughts so together we can shape its future.

Provide Feedback

While we won’t be able to respond to all comments, every single one of them is greatly appreciated. Tell us what you love and it could be further improved.